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The Black Talent Awards is an Evenfields event.

Evenfields Careers is a connector of Black talent and inclusive employers in the UK. Since 2019, we have been a grassroots organisation from the West Midlands using diversity recruitment and communications to help job seekers from diverse communities, particularly black and ethnic minorities. Our message is “We see you!” and that is exactly what we do - we recognise the richness of Black talent around us, and strive to celebrate and catapult it as much as possible.

Our sister organisation, Evenfields Community CIC, launched in 2020 and is now working with young black adults to deliver bespoke Black Careers Matter employability masterclasses to give them the tools to achieve their dream careers, whilst working with companies and organisations to overcome resistance to EDI initiatives and thus build a more inclusive workplace.


“I’m delighted to be leading this event, because championing Black Talent is what I am passionate about, and the support we have received from the committee, sponsors, judges and the community has been overwhelming, and I am truly thankful.


Raising awareness and celebrating the achievements of Black Talent in the UK is very important as it showcases role models, raises the aspirations of emerging talent and increases social mobility.

I make no apology for celebrating black talent. The statistics show we are thriving against the odds – 41.6% of young black adults are unemployed compared to 12.4% of their white counterparts. We are on a mission to change this statistic, one job offer and career choice at a time, and we are delighted that there are many individuals and organisations who are happy to come on this journey with us.


So, thank you for your support and I look forward to celebrating with you on the 29th September in Birmingham.''




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